Social media tips for job seekers

Social media tips for job seekers

If you’re searching for a job you know you must have a presentable resume, cover letter, and portfolio. But you may not know the importance of your social media accounts. Times are changing, and companies are now relying heavily on social media to hire candidates. So, what should a job seeker do to be successful?

Brand yourself: It is important that employers understand who you are and what your skills are. Take time to think about what you really want employers to know about you; your experience, skills, and past projects. By having a personal paragraph on your social media accounts, employers will be able to quickly scan you and determine whether you are the right fit. This will save them time as well as you! Remember to not rush into branding yourself; keep it clean, concise, and professional.

Don’t over commit to platforms: There are countless social media platforms these days but that does not mean you need to be on ALL of them. Think quality over quantity when it comes to creating profiles. Obviously, LinkedIn is the pinnacle of professional platforms but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a few others. Facebook and Twitter are also great ways to engage with companies and network. The fewer profiles you have the easier it is to manage them, showcase yourself, and keep up with companies.

Keep it clean: This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is crucial to your job search. It’s no secret that employers and recruiters search for you online before they ask you to interview. This means it wouldn’t be wise to post pictures of your wild outings from last Friday night. It’s okay to post pictures of friends and family on Facebook, just use your best judgement on which photos an employer wouldn’t want to find.

Consistent profile: One way to make it easy for employers to find you is by keeping it consistent. Use the same professional photo on your profiles so it will be easy to find you. It is also important to frequently check your social media platforms. Anyone can create a LinkedIn or Facebook, but it is most useful when you are consistently checking them. Doing this will allow you to keep up to date on job openings as well as network with other individuals.

Engage with companies: Posting on LinkedIn every week may seem odd at first. However, your engagement shouldn’t solely be personal posts. Instead focus on engaging with companies; share articles, like posts, and comment on topics that interested you. This allows for authentic and organic networking with people who share a similar field.

Being comfortable with social media can help enhance your portfolio. With so many companies relying on social media to post jobs and screen candidates, having a strong self-brand will allow you to stand out. You don’t need to be an expert. Focus on being professional, honest, and consistent in order to bring your job search to the next level.