PRESS RELEASE: Halsea Tooze Joins EmPower HealthIT

PRESS RELEASE: Halsea Tooze Joins EmPower HealthIT

For Immediate Release

May 11th, 2020

Halsea Tooze asked to join IT company after success at travel nurse staffing sister company

 [Portland, OR]—05/11/2020—EmPower HealthIT, a business specializing in recruiting within the Healthcare IT, Engineering, and Technical space, is proud to announce the transition of Halsea Tooze, Senior Recruiter, moving from EmPower Nursing to EmPower HealthIT.

Halsea joined our sister company, EmPower Nursing and Allied Solutions, in early 2018 as a key recruitment contributor to the clinical staffing of our nurses and allied professionals. She was admired and appreciated by all of our nurses as well as our clients. Halsea was one of our highest producing recruiters and also worked closely with our CEO on onboarding new accounts and facilities across the nation. She was promoted quickly from a Staffing Specialist to a Recruiter and then to a Senior Recruiter eventually leading our nursing division. In late 2019, she was asked to join our Healthcare IT division of EmPower HealthIT to continue to grow our healthcare space with more of a clinical focus. She immediately made a huge impact on the business. Here is a glimpse into her journey:

“After a year and a half of being at EmPower, I grew a strong interest in joining the Healthcare Informatics Technology team. The mentorship from my boss, and collaborative work environment has played a huge role in my professional growth and I am elated to see what this next year has in store for this company.”

Halsea’s experience and knowledge in clinical healthcare staffing made for a seamless transition. CEO, Dawn Whitney has worked side by side with Halsea from the very start, and shared a few words on the decision to promote and transition Halsea:

“Halsea made such an immediate impact on our nursing company that when I decided to make some changes with our business model and put a more concentrated focus on our IT company, I needed her as one of the captains of the ship. She is wise beyond her years and one of the brightest and most talented recruiters I have ever had the pleasure of mentoring. She is coachable, a strategic thinker and is passionate about helping others shine brightly. It’s rare to find someone in this type of a role that not only cares about the candidates, the clients but makes sure that her fellow teammates are having the very best and positive experience every day. EmPower is blessed to have her in the family. Congratulations to not only your promotion but for making the successful transition to EmPower HealthIT!”

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