Population Health: How to Manage

Population Health: How to Manage

Population health, the hot topic of the moment, has many hospitals and insurers very interested. However, managing population health data is not always an easy task – electronic health records provide usable raw data, but making that data easily accessible is harder to figure out. Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Elliot Health System and Frisbie Memorial Hospital in New England recently joined forces with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care to establish a new company that will manage both clinical and financial data. This new company will be called Benevera Health with around 40 healthcare professionals working as patient care advocates.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association also has plans to implement a new system. They plan on creating a giant database of claims that can be used in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, all 36 Blue Cross Blue Shield companies agreed to contribute information to the new system.

There are other options for population health management. HealthCatalyst cites 3 main systems in order for effective management:

  1. Data Warehouse and Analytisc Measurement System: Research centric
  2. A Systematic, Evidence-Based Content System: IT centric
  3. Organizational Deployment System: Organization centric

Effective population health management requires constant maintenance and efforts across all channels of the system. Good, adequate population health management cuts costs, makes healthcare more efficient and reliable, decreases medical error while increasing patient safety while in care and allows for better care coordination. What’s not to love?



For more information on population health management and to see facts and figures used in this article, take a look at the following sites:

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