Off to New Beginnings

Off to New Beginnings

Life changes are never easy, but they are usually necessary. I recently graduated from Gonzaga University, packed up all my things and headed back home to Portland where I literally live in my parent’s basement until further notice. For the few days that I’ve been home, I already have noticed how hard it is to live in a family setting again versus living with all your friends in college. Big change.

Aside from being done with school (FOREVER), I also have completed my time at EmPower where I have worked for the past two years. Another big change.

When I started at EmPower in March 2016, EmPower Nursing & Allied solutions was just a couple months old and EmPower HealthIT was known as MotivAction Recruiting. Right as I was hired, we began transitioning to EmPower HealthIT. I was immediately thrown into an exciting position – some of my first tasks were working on a complete company rebranding. Even though I had just been hired (and was only a sophomore in school), I was trusted to make decisions on how the website looked and was given the opportunity to work on verbiage for web copy and selecting exciting stock images for our web pages. I was also tasked with rebranding our social media and raising awareness online. It was an exciting time for myself and the company!

I also have worked remotely for most of my time at EmPower. As a student in Spokane, I worked remotely for the school year and then was able to work in office during the summer months. I learned valuable lessons regarding time management and communications with my team and boss. Juggling school and work is never easy, but it can be done! I was very fortunate to have found a flexible role that allowed me to work on my own schedule and with a boss who understood my needs and unique situation. I was able to be a responsible adult – go to school, work part time, and still have a social life!

My time at EmPower allowed me to grow tremendously. The company was a great place to try new things and explore all aspects of social media management. I was able to learn on the go and took advantage of opportunities to research different aspects of social media marketing that interested me. I of course had the support of a fantastic team behind me which was paramount to my professional and personal growth. Knowing that you are trusted is huge for development.

I was in a unique place to watch the company grow. During my two years, I saw the company take on more business, gain some awesome employees, and move through three offices. Although people came and went, the team remained tight-knit and I always felt included even though I was five hours away in Washington. Naturally, I made some great friends. Coming into the office every day was exciting because I genuinely enjoyed everyone I worked with. My best friend, Maddie, even ended up working at EmPower with me at the end of my first summer which was fun for everyone. I think we’re pretty funny when we’re together J

Thanks to my fantastic boss, Dawn, I learned the joys of working in a fun office that respects and loves all of it’s employees. Aside from fun team outings like wine tastings and kayaking, our

team is very close and it’s because the culture places value on each member. Everyone is trusted and respected and there’s really no incentive for people to be as invested in each other as they are. EmPower attracts talented, wonderful people, and we all care about the person next to us. I know that’s rare.

I will always have a special place in my heart for EmPower and am very excited to see all the exciting things that are to come. As I leave, we have hired three new employees and moved in to a super cool office in the heart of downtown Portland. I’m sad to leave but I’m excited for all the new opportunities the company and I will have in the near future.

I’m even more excited to introduce Marie, my replacement – EmPower’s Social Media Specialist! Marie is a recent graduate of University of Portland. I’m very much looking forward to watching her grow our social footprint and try new things!