What Makes an A-List Client?

What Makes an A-List Client?

Christine Nguyen, a senior recruiter at EmPower HealthIT, shares her perspective on attributes and characteristics that make an A-list client. Not only are we able to maintain great relationships, but our placements fit the culture better, and everyone is left feeling like a winner.

Our best clients are the ones who mastered the art of relationship building. It’s no surprise that employers from our A-List have the highest retention and the strongest company cultures.

Attracting the Best

When hiring, managers are willing to take the time to discuss their company’s culture and exactly what they are looking for. A job description rarely yields the right fit.

Keep an Open door / Phone line

While some managers are great at initial contact, what often happens is when resumes are sent for review, there’s a long delay or sometimes we don’t hear back at all. What they don’t realize is that these are hours poured into the search plus getting the resume ready for viewing. A quick one sentence on whether we’re on the right track is all the encouragement and motivation we need. The lack of communication doesn’t create a positive experience for the candidates and they might be deterred from applying directly down the road. The onboarding and hiring experience sets the tone for the candidate and establishes the right foundation.

Communication through Feedback

This goes both ways, if a client feels that the resumes are missing the mark, we want to know what it is. It only helps strengthen the next resume that comes to your desk. Vice Versa, if we’re running into obstacles or seeing something different demands in the market versus competitors, we will also be open and honest. Together we come up with a plan and adjust accordingly.

Maintain Faith

We understand things can get tough and there’s no success without the struggles along the way. We might not hit it out of the park the first resume, first placement, but a relationship isn’t built on perfection and smooth sailing waves. It’s built on the foundation of trust and knowing that we will always be honest with the candidates and maintain your best interest at heart. If for any reason we cannot work on the position due to pay not being competitive we will let you know.

In Closing…

When clients make it a priority to partner with us and recruit the very best talent, we often have quick turnaround with extraordinary results. Help us create the best experiences and you’ll see the difference.


To connect with Christine, send her an email at Christine@empowerhealthit.com.