How to search for a new job when you’re working full time.

How to search for a new job when you’re working full time.

Maybe you’ve been at your job a year (or ten) and feel that you are ready for something new. You are seeking a new experience and ready to move on. Unfortunately, you quickly remember just how time consuming it is to find a job. Between working full time, having a personal life, making time for yourself, and pursing your passions it can seem impossible to find the time. But have no fear; here at EmPower we are here to provide you with some useful tips on how to find a job while still working full time.

-Use your time wisely. A schedule is going to become your best friend. When you schedule out specific times during the week to job search, you are making it a priority. Without a designated time to job search, it is easy to keep pushing it off and thus never get a new job. Carve out an allotted amount of time each week to ensure you make your job search a priority.

-Work with a recruiter. The job market can be overwhelming with countless new jobs being posted each day. Recruiters are there to understand what exactly it is you are searching for. Once they know your experience and previous work, they can try and place you in your ideal job. Not only does this save you time, it also opens a whole new group of jobs. Many recruiting agencies work directly with companies. Therefore, these jobs have much fewer candidates compared to ones you find on major job sites.

-Quality not quantity. When you are looking for a new job you may want to apply for everything that interests you. But applying for a job takes a lot of work; fine tuning a resume, writing a unique cover letter…the list goes on. Instead create a list of all the jobs that interests. Once you compile a list go back through it and narrow it down to your top five. This way you’ll spend your time applying for jobs that you are genuinely interested in.

-Network! You never know when you’ll be looking for a new job which is why networking is so important. You may just be connected with someone that is hiring for your dream job. But you shouldn’t wait to start networking until you are looking for a new job. Instead, build up your network over time (regardless if you are looking for a new job). That way when you are ready to explore new opportunities you have numerous people to reconnect with.

Finding a new job can be stressful and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Be sure to schedule time to make your job search a priority. Never underestimate the usefulness of working with a recruiter, be sure to apply for jobs you are genuinely interested in, and always be networking. Good luck and remember that you are capable of finding your dream job.