High Wire Act Without a Net – Part 2

High Wire Act Without a Net – Part 2

This is part two of EmPower HealthIT CEO, Dawn Whitney’s, article, “High Wire Act Without a Net.”

Fast forward to 2018 and the landscape of employment is drastically different then it was those many years ago.

There is a great demand for top talent, yet a smaller supply.

There are global companies who allow 70% of their employees to work virtually or to split their work week working half the week in an office and half remote.

Salaries are much higher than the ever have been for the same skill sets.

Millennials are putting added pressure on companies to be cooler than the other and to offer more flexibility and team events that keeps everyone motivated.

Consultants are everywhere with niche skills sets driving the hourly rates up yet companies don’t want to pay more than they did for this same talent five years ago.  These same consultants might get bored or not like their current contract and decide to leave early for something more interesting or for more money, leaving your client without the help they desperately need.

Direct hire candidates are getting 2-3 offers at a time, so employers are competing with all of this and you as the recruiter, are right smack in the middle.

You used to be able to work through a counter offer or challenges with a candidate’s offer directly with the person who was hiring your candidate. Now you are dealing with an HR person who only see’s you as an “opportunist” as a Recruiter who just wants a fee and they will tell you that! Not all HR people we work with feel this way, we actually have weeding out those companies and only work with the ones that view us as a partner 😊

Let’s not even begin to talk about the offshore recruitment firms that are undercutting all of the US based recruiting firms to provide your client with a much less expensive candidate and who will pull that candidate off of your assignment for $5/hr more somewhere else without any notice.

Should I even start on the VMS’s (Vendor Management Systems) that are popping up everywhere and are now the gatekeeper between you and you client? Oh and guess what?  They get a percentage of your fee just because they can. Did I mention they are “vendor neutral”?  That has to be my favorite term in this new world of recruitment.

The latest trend is many of the larger healthcare firms we have started to engage with are telling us they won’t pay us for our services until after the probation period, leaving recruiters to wait to get paid on the work they did months prior (100-160 days).

What has happened to the relationship building days of picking up the phone to talk live to your hiring manager about the ideal candidate that fits into their group? Their must have’s and nice to have skills sets they are needing? What their hiring process is and understanding their time to hire goals?  How about those great lunches where you actually could get your hiring manager out for time to learn more about them on a personal level?  As a recruiter, this time together helps you find them the very best match for their team because they are out of their work environment and can talk openly. We spend countless hours building relationships with our candidates and becoming very close with them and their families, shouldn’t that continue to be important to do with our clients?

Even through all of these changes, recruitment is in my blood.

I still believe in these basic principles of recruitment;  Be authentic, always have your client and candidates best interest at heart first and cultivate every relationship, not because you have to in your job but because it’s what you love.

If anyone tells you that recruitment is easy or that we stay in it for the money, they are still living in 1999.  This is a lifestyle and is not for the faint of heart.  You have to constantly change, improve your screening and recruitment strategies and carve out your niche so the client AND the candidate see your value.  These are tough times for everyone, including the candidates that are expected to make decisions quickly while having 2-3 offers on the table, clients competing with all of the virtual positions popping up all over the country wanting to hire the same candidate as you do AND for the recruiter competing with every person that thinks they can recruit.

Be kind to your recruiter, work hard for your clients, do what’s best for your candidate and their family and treat each other with kindness.  It’s time to realize that we are all in the same boat together.

This is a high wire act without a net but I can’t imagine doing anything else.