High demand jobs in the IT field

High demand jobs in the IT field

It’s no surprise that the IT industry is growing like crazy with each passing year. With all of our computers, tablets, and phones, we need skilled professionals to meet our growing demand. The US Labor Department predicts that tech jobs will grow 13 percent for the following decade, faster than almost any other field. So what are the best tech jobs in the field?

According to U.S. News the “best” tech job in 2018 is a Software Developer. These professionals invent and update the technology that many of us take for granted. Not only do they need to have technical experience but they also need to be creative.

Second on the U.S. News list was an Information Security Analyst. Due to recent security breaches, demand for this job is reaching an all time high. As hospitals begin to make the switch to digital charts and cloud storage the risk for being hacked increases. To ensure that their information is safe and secure hospitals, and various other fields, are hiring information security analyst to shield their organization’s computer systems.

Third on the list are IT Managers. In order to keep up with the ever changing field of technology, companies hire IT Managers to help them establish short and long terms goals. Creating and executing these goals is their job. Most IT Managers oversee a team of individuals who work on existing goals, while the manager may discuss technology and software related matter with the executives of the company.

The field of IT is growing, diverse, and ever changing. These jobs are a hot commodity for businesses, organizations, and recruiting agencies. But as the field grows so does the competition. Working with a recruiting agency as a business can increase your chances of finding a qualified candidate without having to search through hundreds of resumes. As a job seeker, working with a recruiting agency ensures that your resume won’t be lost in the masses.

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