Candidate Spotlight: Meet Phil

Candidate Spotlight: Meet Phil

One of our candidates, Phil, shared his experience working with EmPower. *Last name and place of work were removed for privacy.

How did you find EmPower or did we find you?

 EmPower found my resume online.


What can one expect on the onboarding process interviews, offer, hiring, etc?

Be open and receptive to feedback on your resume. EmPower was helpful in ensuring that I had a good chance of landing an interview. I spoke briefly with recruiting at EmPower about my experience, background, and desire for change. Most of the interviewing was done with the client. There was one phone interview and one in-person interview. There will also be reference checks. In my case, both EmPower and the client checked references. The process took a few months for me, but I’m not sure that’s indicative of how long it usually takes. My circumstances were unique and there were delays, but it was by no means a negative experience. 


Has this job opportunity been good match for your background and experiences, how has this benefited your career?

Yes, this job was an excellent match. I had a strong foundation of knowledge needed for my role, but I also had a ton of new things to learn. I’ve grown in my role as an EMR analyst given the breadth of applications I’m expected to support now. It’s greatly benefitted my career since I’m learning new things every day and adding to my skill set. I’m on a strong team of dedicated and hard-working analysts that supports my success. 


What advice do you have for other candidates who are looking to either find a job on their own or partner with a great recruiter firm?

Don’t be shy to express your true thoughts and feelings during the onboarding process. This is your time to openly discuss expectations, concerns, and level of interest. I always felt comfortable working with EmPower and their team to have those conversations, and it worked out for my benefit. 


What was your experience working with our team?

EmPower did a great job keeping me updated and staying in touch. I never hesitated to pick up the phone or send an email if I needed assistance. This follow up and support is important because it encourages me as a candidate to show that same level of commitment.


Anything else you’d like to add?

This has been a truly positive experience. I’m very lucky that EmPower found me.