Living out our core values.

Living out our core values.

Most companies have a set of core values; a list of bullet points on their website that is there for the world to see. Yet very few companies practice these values in their daily lives. At EmPower we honor our core values and know that they are more than just a list. They resemble what our company stands for and set the standard for the work we aim to achieve. So, what do our core values actually mean?

Transparency in Everything We Do:  Whether you are a client we work with or a candidate looking for a job, we are always transparent. We realize that doing this allows for clear communication from the start. When we are open and honest we are better able to serve YOU, and that is what we are all about.

Mutual Respect and Unity: Our company isn’t called “EMPOWER” for nothing! When we prioritize respect, we are able to foster a workplace that lifts each other up rather than tearing one another down. As a company we unite behind a common goal; to serve and empower others. It isn’t always easy but it is always worth it.

Collaboration and Open Feedback: When we have an office full of leaders it is important that we offer room for everyone to speak. From our CEO to our newest hire, we value what everyone brings to the table. You know who else’s opinion we value? YOURS! We are continually looking for ways to grow and improve how we serve our clients and customers. Have some feedback for us? Feel free to send it our way.

Be Authentic & Value Other’s Opinions: Although we all work in the same office we are a group of unique individuals. We choose to celebrate our differences and embrace our authentic selves. Honoring each other’s opinions; that is what empowerment is all about!

Pay It Forward: We strongly believe empowerment is a ripple effect. Our company is incredibly grateful to have gotten to work with countless individuals who inspire us each and every day. Because of this we are paying it forward. We aim to hire hardworking, dedicated, and inspiring individuals; whether they are working for our company or yours.

Positive Action Generates Inspiration: Inspiration comes from our daily actions. When we show up each day to serve our community, we generate momentum and inspiration. Whether or not we are in the office our team aims to make a positive impact on all we encounter.

Living by our core values isn’t always easy but it’s what makes our company unique. When we start with empowerment in the workplace, we are able to live out our mission. Whether you are our client or our candidate, we are invested in your success.